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It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you can always brush up on your sexual health. I found in high school it was very taboo to talk about sex or sexual health. Once I got to university I found the world was more open about these things. But why wait? Educate yourself, your daughter, sister, or friends right now! There is a lot of misinformation out there, and sadly these myths or incorrect facts could cost you a lot. Many women end up with STIs or pregnancy because they just didn’t know. Don’t let this happen to you, get the facts right now.
What is an orgasm and how do you have one? What are the best sex positions for women, or for injuries? What are STIs and how do you prevent them? What are the best forms of birth control and how are they different? These and many more answers are in this site designed for women’s sexual well being! Everything you want to know about your sexual health!

Ladies show your men the site, they’ll learn a thing or two, you can thank me later.

The site is still young, didn’t find the information you were looking for? Ask me! I’ll get you the answer and your question will be posted for others to learn from, don’t worry you can do it anonymously. You can also submit your stories which will inspire and help other women, just go to the contact us section!

This website contains content pertaining to sexual health, viewer discretion is advised. The information and advice here in no way substitutes for medical advice. If you have a problem, please see your doctor.