Anal Sex Tips and Techniques

There are many people who enjoy anal sex, but anal sex isn’t for every woman.

The anus has delicate tissue, it is surrounded by nerve endings and little hairs which make the anus sensitive to stimulation. Any pressure on the anal walls can also indirectly stimulate the vaginal walls, adding to the pleasure.

Anal Sex Tips

1. Explore!

If this is your first time, you should explore by yourself to see if you really like it or not. This way you are in complete control. Start by pressing on the anus gently and around the anal ring. Push gently against the anus until the muscles are relaxed enough to let your finger penetrate. Slowly and gently continue to explore, you don’t have to go “all the way” this first time. Do it at your leisure.

2. Anal sex is not supposed to be painful!

Like the vagina the woman needs to be aroused for this. And well lubricated! It’s a slow process, and penetration should be very slow, you don’t want to get hurt in the process. Communicate with your partner so you can get the most pleasure out of this.

3. Relax!

You must be relaxed for anal sex. The sphinxters respond with adrenaline and emotion. If you are scared or anxious the sphinxters will tense up which will make penetration painful. Engage in foreplay and a hot bath, maybe both at the same time.

4. Lubricate!

The anus is tighter then the vagina and the muscles don’t allow it to expand like the vagina. This makes lube incredibly necessary. There is no such thing as too much lube!

5. Vibrators and Dildos!

A lot of couples add vibrators and dildos to the mix to enhance the experience. Don’t forget to use lube for your toys. Be sure to use sex toys specifically made for anal sex (and a compatible lubricant). Do not use your common vibrator, you don’t want anything to get stuck or lost, that would be an embarrassing trip to the ER.

6. Clean it!

Whatever you use for anal sex, be it your hand, dildo, vibrator, anal beads, your mouth, etc. Wash it first before you do anything else with it! This is an easy way to spread bacteria and end up really sick if you don’t clean it.

7. Protection!

STIs are on the rise, so please use protection with your partner.