Bachelorette Party

Over the summer I got to go to a number of weddings and bachelorette parties. I’ve had to plan a few. I had troubles planning them at first, there are so many options. Your very best bet is to do something you know the bride will enjoy. This is about her after all.

I’ve put together some bachelorette party ideas that should help you plan better.


Have no idea what to get the bride for her Bachelorette?

Bachelorette Party Activities

There are lots of things you can do, but remember the bride has to enjoy them!

Theme Night

A theme night can be done just about anywhere, the bar, restaurant, friends house, etc. It’s kind of fun cause you can dress up really silly and not feel weird about it.

Some Theme Night Ideas:

  • By the Era (70s, 80s, 90s, etc.)
  • Outfits from different eras (disco, hippie, retro, etc.)
  • Everything to do with penis’
  • Survivor
  • Fav actress/singer
  • Sports
  • Related to the holiday it’s near
  • Spa and pampering
  • Play Dress Up

The Bar

A lot of women look at the bachelorette party as a last big hurrah. The bar is generally a good place to do this. You can dance and be carefree, you can drink (but responsibly of course).

And there’s a lot of games you can play at the bar too (see below for games). There are a lot of people around that you can use in your games.

Take a Sex Class

I’ve done this one, we booked a class just for the party, it was a Penis Pleasing class. It was informative and fun, I figured the bride should have some new moves for the wedding night! If you go to your local sex shops they may have classes or can tell you where to find a class. They teach all kinds of classes; role playing, clit pleasing, dominatrix, loving yourself, masturbation, etc.

Sex Toy Party

If you’re willing to host a sex toy party, it can be a lot of fun for all the girls.

Fancy Restaurant

Go with the girls to a fancy restaurant, it’s a great excuse to get all dressed up and have a great meal!

Comedy Club

This is a great alternative to the bar scene, it’s fun, especially if the comedian is good, your bound to have a laugh. And hey maybe the comedian can embarrass the bride!

Activity Night

If you’re just looking to have fun you might want to look at bowling, playing pool, roller blading, etc.


A lot of women love pampering and this is perfect, it will beautify the bride and relax her.

Spend the Night In

There are a lot of things you can do without going out. Call it a slumber party! Consider having a movie night, a makeover night, carefree drinking because no one is driving, etc.

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