Embarrassing Moments

We’ve all been there, had an embarrassing moment or two…possibly more for some of us, like myself. It feels like these things never happen to anyone else. But guess what! They do! It’s totally normal for these little “mishaps” to happen.
Share YOUR embarrassing or funny stories of dating, sex, your period and so much more. Help the rest of us feel normal!
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See! You’re not the only one! We’ve all been there!

u can’t just pick a roll!  Not rated yet
Every so often my husband asks me to ride him during lovemaking. I had always been slender waisted and flat tummied so this was easy and very stimulating …

Don’t know how it got there.  Not rated yet
I was laying in my bedroom with my ex-boyfriend watching tv, soon he had motioned he wanted to fool around; I was game. Soon we started making out, and …

A day at the movies  Not rated yet
I went to the movies during a weekday while my boyfriend was in town for a visit. We got some snacks, went into the theater and realized no one was there….

Sexy Talk Eavesdrop  Not rated yet
I was in the car one night with my boyfriend, we were heading home from a party. I had had a bit to drink and was feeling pretty good. I started teasing …