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Everyone has fantasies at some point or another. Some people think it’s embarassing and would never indulge in it. I think that’s a huge mistake. As long as your fantasy is healthy and wont harm you or someone else then why not try it out?

A lot of people also associate fantasies with men, they think it’s more of a man thing to do that. That might be true that more men indulge in fantasy then women. But wouldn’t it be a nice idea to indulge in it with your man? It’s something that you can share together and strengthen your relationship with. Who know’s you might even enjoy it!

And don’t forget you can always indulge in some of your fantasies alone!

Day Dreaming

One of the most common fantasies for women comes from day dreaming. This is excellent because you can explore your inner feelings and desires.

Whatever you end up day dreaming about is not a bad thing or abnormal. It’s in you head and it doesn’t affect anyone else in the world. You can think of a different man or woman besides your spouse. You can pick the most outragious settings, like a tropical island or the middle of the arctic.

You are quite litterally only limited by your imagination.

Not sure where to start?

You can always get started by reading a romantic novel or watching a romantic movie. Or try picturing the things you really desire. Maybe it’s a beach house or a big promotion that allows you to travel. Pretend you have received these things, what would you fantasize about once you have them?

This sort of fantasy is also really good for positive reinforcement. It gives you goals to work towards….ok this is starting to sound like a self motivational speech.

Back to day dreaming, you can do it anywhere or any time. Try bringing your spouse into it, day dream about what you would do together and how you would do it.

Romantic Novels

Romantic novels are a good way of getting your imagination in gear. Sometimes a plot line or a path is helpful to get a person to day dream.

Romantic novels are generally geared at women. There’s usually a story about a woman in distress and the brave man saves her in some way. Or a strong woman saves the man. There are so many stories out there, you’re sure to find something to tickle your fancy.

And if you don’t want to read the books, you can just look at the covers!

Not sure what type of novel you will like? Go to the library, see what they have and read a few.

Playing Dress Up

Men are visual creatures, they get turned on by what they see. For women, we use our imaginations more often then not. If you really want to send sparks flying and delve into the fantasy realm, why not try a costume? Your man will love the visual!

Try appealing to the things he likes, was he a big football star in highschool? Try a cheerleader outfit. Is he big into the sexy teacher or nurse idea? If you really don’t know you can always ask him!

This is supposed to be fun, so try different outfits and enjoy it!

Want to dress up for yourself? There’s no shame in that! Get an outfit that you enjoy. It’s incredible if you can pick an outfit that you wear that turns you on! Simple lingerie can do the trick!

Videos or Pornography

It’s no secret that men like porn. And why wouldn’t they? They have the visual right there. I have a lot of friends who just don’t agree with porn, they don’t like their men watching porn. Personally I don’t care, if a guy wants to fantasize, he is going to do it, even if it means looking at some stranger on the street and mentally undressing her.

I figure you can’t stop them, so why not join them? It makes it more fun for you and him. He can even act it out if you let him.

There’s no reason to be jealous about the porn, he isn’t going home with those women, you’re going home with him. And if you’re really concerned pick the porn out with him, that way it’s something you both want to watch and you can “sensor” the situation.

Never watched porn before? Give it a try alone or with a girlfriend. You can have a slumber party! This way you become accustom to the porn and you can relax, you are in a non pressure situation. And girls watching porn can be fun, you can make fun of the whole thing! But don’t do that with your guy, you don’t want him to think you’re jealous. And you shouldn’t be, you have no reason too.

Sure a lot of women find porn stars threatening, they have these “ideal” bodies. But luckily for us the average woman is a size 14 and most women aren’t built like porn stars.

Fetish Fantasies

Fetishes have such a huge range! There is no limit to the fetishes. Visit theFetishes Section to learn about the different fetishes.


This goes along the same lines as costumes, but you can bring some really fun things, besides sex toys, into the bedroom to spruce up your love making.

Just remember it’s a good idea to have a “code” word incase you’re not comfortable with the direction it’s going in.