Some times a little lingerie, whether it be a corset, bustier or even a thong, can make you feel very sexy. Some times women think it doesn’t matter what kind of underwear they have on, no one’s going to see it. That might be true but just remember that what you wear will affect how you feel. Wearing something that makes you feel sexy will show in your attitude. You will seem more confident and alluring. Even a pair of heels can do it for you.

 Garter Belts

Others you should know:


A Camisole is a loose fitting, sleeveless undergarment. They usually have thin (spaghetti) straps. They can usually be worn under sweaters, jackets, or shirts. Some times they do have a wire for breast support.


The Basque is usually a corset, which is fitted like a Bustier and extends down over the hips.

Knee Highs

Knee Highs are hoisery or very long socks that are worn up to the knee.


Pantyhose is sheer and close fitting to the lower half of the body, usually made from nylon. It essentially eliminated the need for a Garter. It serves several functions beyond fashion, it can keep your legs warm, elimiate friction or chafing between the thighs or between the feet and footware. It can also hide imperfections in the skin, like acne, scars, bruises, spider vains, etc. The fabric is delicate and can rip from mishaps or even get pulls in it, at which point it’s no longer usable.

Lingerie Tape

Lingerie Tape, Cleavage Tape, Tit Tape or Fashion Tape, it’s just double sided tape that is used to keep certain things in place. It is often used to keep straps, bra straps, slinky fabric, strapless items all in place. It can keep a low cut shirt in place, where it should fall over the breasts.