A lot of people don’t see the point of lubrication. The woman will naturally create lubrication when she is turned on and actually wants to have sex. But the system is flawed. Sometimes you can’t create enough lubricant and that can make sex painful at times, or just really tough to get it in.

This lack of lubricant happens to all women and it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of. There are just days when the body isn’t willing to produce.

So along comes lube, and the fun thing is there’s more to lube now a days then just a plain lubrication. There are some that have taste or smell, some that are hot or cold or tingle. Tons of different possibilities and things to explore. These additives to the lube can make sex a lot more fun and give you and him a new sensation.

I have tried tons of them! But it’s all about your personal preference. I’ll tell you the ones I like and the ones that come highly recommended, but it’s up to you to go out and try these lubes. Massage oils are also worth looking into!

Just you’re regular get the job done lube!

Lubricants perfect for condoms or no fuss just want sex the good old way.

Warming and Cooling Lube

These can be a lot of fun, some people like the warming or cooling sensations, I like both, but be sparing on the cooling stuff, some of it can be pretty strong.

Tingling Lube

These are probably my favorite lubes. That extra tingle just adds a little something special. And depending on where you put it can take you to whole new orgasm heights.

Massage Oils and Lube

Massage oils can be a lot of fun, and some of them double as lubricants, which trust me makes it even more fun! It’s helpful if it doubles as a lube in case the moment strikes you as you’re pampering yourselves.

Clit and G-Spot Fun

These can add a world of pleasure and happen to be very popular. This will add extra stimulation to sex by making the clit or g-spot more sensitive or tingly.

Just for Him

Obviously I’ve never tried these, so I’m just going based on recommendation, you and your man will have to find out if they are any good.

Anal Lubricant

Anal lube is essential when it comes to anal sex, not only do you not want to get hurt, you want to make it safe and enjoyable.