There are many myths and misconceptions about sexual health, sex, pregnancy, etc. Find out the truth to these myths right now!
A woman can’t get pregnant the first time she has sex.FALSE! A woman can get pregnant the first time she has sex, if she has ever had a menstrual cycle or ovulated then she can get pregnant!

A woman can’t get pregnant if she has sex standing up.FALSE! Sperm can still swim upstream and defy gravity!

If a woman douches with soft drink or vinegar after sex she will not get pregnant.FALSE! Soft drink, vinegar or any other concoction you come up with is not birth control, it will not stop sperm. And odds are you wont be able to clean yourself that thoroughly.

If a man pulls out before he ejaculates then the woman can’t get pregnant.FALSE! There can be sperm in pre-ejaculate, or if he gets ejaculate on or around the vulva, she can still get pregnant. Most men do not pull out on time.
If a woman’s hymen is broken or torn before her first time or she doesn’t bleed during sex for the first time she is not a virgin.FALSE!The hymen is a thin layer of skin that keeps bacteria out of the vagina. It can easily be ripped by a number of things besides sex. It can be ripped from sports, tampons, oral sex or fingering. If the hymen is ripped already then it will not bleed. If the hymen is intact during the first time, it may not bleed much.
If a girl has sex on her period she will not become pregnant.FALSE!The idea is that the girl ovulates and then having her period will get rid of the egg. However this is not always the case, the egg may still be there, and there is no way to tell otherwise. Sperm can live up to 7 days in the vagina, in which time the girl could ovulate.
Drinking certain soft drinks will decrease sperm count, which will prevent pregnancy.FALSE! Soft drinks are not a form of birth control. Even if it could decrease the count, it only takes one sperm to get pregnant.

Using 2 condoms is better than one.FALSE! Using 2 condoms adds friction to the condoms, making them easier to break.
You can’t get pregnant from anal sex.That is true in theory, however if any of the semen ends up on or around the vulva you can still get pregnant. Make sure you use a condom, even for anal sex.
If you take someones birth control pills one day you can’t get pregnant.FALSE! Birth control pills are a hormonal drug that will take approx 3 months, taken on a regular basis to be working properly. So taking any pills just one day will not work. And don’t take someone else’s prescription, you don’t know what it will do to you!
If you douche or go to the bathroom after sex you can’t get pregnant.FALSE! Douching after sex will push the sperm further into the vaginal canal, which would make it more likely for you to get pregnant. Urination does not clear sperm out. Although you should urinate after sex to help prevent a urinary tract infection.
You can’t get STD/STI’s from giving or receiving oral sex.FALSE!STD/STI’s have no preference about how they come in contact, they just need contact. Any contact with bodily fluids or genitalia can result in an STD/STI. If you have an open sore or wound then you’re even more likely to get something. Both people should be tested before you engage in these activities.
You can’t get pregnant or get an STI/STD from having sex in a shower, bath or pool.FALSE! If you have sexual intercourse, regardless of where you are or if there is water or not, you can still get pregnant or get an STI/STD.
Blue balls is something guys make up.FALSE! When a guy is turned on blood flow to his genitals increases and exerts pressure, which needs to be released through ejaculation. If he does not ejaculate the pressure will only slowly be released and can be painful for the man. However this will not kill him, so don’t let him use it as an excuse for sex or sexual activity.
If the woman doesn’t have an orgasm she can’t get pregnant.FALSE!An orgasm does cause the cervix to pull semen into the uterus, but that’s only there to help. The sperm can still get in there on their own.
If a guy masterbates too much he won’t have any sperm left.FALSE!Men are always making new sperm, they will never run out! A man can make 50,000 sperm a minute.