Oral Sex

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Oral sex can be a great way of bringing two people together without actually having intercourse. In one sense this is safer, you can’t get pregnant for starts. STIs don’t spread as easily through oral sex as they do through intercourse. However you can still get an STI. If you are unsure of your partner, try using a condom, that will protect you. If you and your partner have been tested and trust each other you don’t necessarily have to use a condom.

Oral sex is a great option if you are unable to have intercourse. You may have a disability or an injury that prevents you from going all out. This will still allow you and your partner to enjoy sexual activity.

Anatomy of the Penis

Circumcised or Uncircumcised

Many women have never seen an uncircumcised penis before. So when they do it can be a bit of a shock. In Western culture it is common practise to cut off the tip of the skin on the penis. It was believed to promote good hygene and cleanliness. However we are learning that this isn’t actually true. So it becomes a choice of the parents to do it to their child or not.
Uncircumcised males can actually have 40% more pleasure then circumcised males. Because the head of the penis is not exposed all of the time it makes it more sensitive. The extra skin does roll back to expose the head of the penis, just like the circumcised males, but it doesn’t roll back as far.
The extra skin can also be an advantage for you during intercourse, as it causes more “friction”.

It Smells Funny or Tastes Bad

Often women do not want to give oral sex or fellatio because they think it smells funny or tastes bad. Not having oral sex due to this can limit you to a lot of joy, giving and receiving. There are a few things you can do to overcome this.

The best advice I can give you is to start out clean. This does not have to be a chore, use this as a moment to get in the mood and start the intimacy. Have a shower or bubble bath together. This allows you to clean each other, you will know you are both clean and it will be refreshing. You can have a lot of fun with this!
Try lighting candles or have soft music. Embrace each other during this and turn it into foreplay. Find a nice soap that you both enjoy, preferably one that isn’t going to leave a residue. Remember to rinse off thoroughly, you don’t want to be tasting soap.
Use a Condom
If you feel this still isn’t enough, or you don’t have time to have a shower use a condom. Yes this could feel or taste a little funny. Opt for a flavoured condom, and maybe don’t get a textured one unless you like the feel of it. Using a condom can not only cut your chances of getting an STI, you won’t have to taste him, and you won’t have to deal with that mess.
Flavoured Lube
If you aren’t using a condom or just hate them or your condom isn’t flavoured, try using flavoured lube. They come in all kinds of flavours, you’re bound to find something you’ll like. This can cut down on the taste big time! And it helps with the lubrication process.
Spit or Swallow
Most guys don’t care if you swallow or spit, they’re usually just happy that you have their penis in your mouth. To spit or swallow is totally up to your preference. A lot of women do not like the taste of seamen, sadly there is nothing you can do to improve on the taste, some people say you can drink pineapple juice to help, but with our current diets, smoking, drinking or medication this just won’t help enough.

So you can use a condom to avoid this altogether, or choose to spit or swallow. A lot of men aren’t going to want to see a big production of you spitting their cum out. So the best thing you can do is to push your tongue to the back of your mouth when you feel they are about to come (the penis becomes harder and the balls pull up into the body when they are about to come). What you’re doing is blocking the back of your throat so it can’t gag you when he ejaculates. Tilt your head to the side and just let his cum run out of your mouth. He probably won’t even notice this.
And alternatively you can just take a tissue and spit, although it’s a little more noticeable.

It Makes My Jaw Sore

This happens a lot, your jaw becomes sore and tired, you don’t feel like you can finish. Most guys are understanding of this. But you may want to bring him to the finish line. What you can do is alternate to your hand, stimulate him with your hand while you relax your jaw.
Unfortunately there is nothing you can use to prevent this or help with it. You may need to take frequent breaks, but don’t stop stimulating him. If you are using hot and cold sensations as something fun, you can use ice or hot tea in your mouth to help those tense muscles. If you don’t want to take your mouth completely off his penis, consider using your hand for the shaft of the penis and your tongue or lips to stimulate the head of the penis.

Tips and Techniques for Great Oral Sex

The best tip I can give you is to ask your man what he likes. This will help ensure it’s enjoyable for both of you. If you don’t want to keep asking “how’s this?” then listen to the sounds he makes, if he starts to moan more, he probably likes what you’re doing. If he isn’t making any noise, try something else.
Use Your Tongue

Your tongue can be a great source of stimulation. It is best to use your tongue at the beginning of the blow job when he can still feel it. The longer you go for the more stimulation he will need, and he probably won’t be able to feel the light flicking of your tongue anymore.

Use your tongue to circle around the head of the penis. This is a very sensitive area of the penis. You can also flick your tongue into the opening of his penis.

Try licking the entire length of the underside of his penis. This is the tube the seamen runs through, it offers additional stimulation. Where the underside of the penis meets the head of the penis creates a V. This is a very sensitive area, play with it with your tongue.

If your man is uncircumcised you can pull the foreskin to the top and flick your tongue over the skin, this is still a sensitive area for men.

Use Your Hand

Your hand can be an added source of stimulation and can also allow your jaw to take a break while your hand takes over.

Try using your hand and mouth at the same time. Your hand can stroke the shaft of his penis while you give him a blow job. You can also bob your head up and down on his penis, having your hand follow the same lead in sync with your mouth. Try putting different amounts of pressure on his penis with your hand, it will change the way it feels.


Angle can be everything. A slight change in angle will change how it feels for him. You can try tilting his penis or your mouth to change the feeling.

The angle you’re coming at will also have an impact. Try different positions to find what is more comfortable for you, and trust me you want it to be comfortable, you might be there longer then you expect.

You can do it on your knees with him standing in front of you, or sitting on the bed or a chair. You can do it lying down, either off to the side or 69 (better for both of you!). Try different things and get comfy!


You want to get into a rhythm, but you can vary that rhythm. When he’s getting close to ejaculating though, you want to keep it consistent and don’t stop. Try starting off slow and light and then work your way up to fast and hard.

Going Deep

Men love it when you can fit their entire penis in your mouth, they like having the feeling of all of it in there. That requires bringing him deep in your mouth towards the back of your throat.

A lot of women have a sensitive gag reflex, so taking the entire penis into your mouth isn’t always an option. If you want to take more of him in, you can use something called Go Deep Mints. This is a mint that has a numbing agent, it will numb your mouth which will allow you to give him a deeper blow job. As long as none of the mint is left in your mouth it won’t cause him to go numb. You obviously don’t want him to go numb, or you will be down there for much longer then you want to be.
The Balls
Playing with a man’s testicles feels really good for him. But you have to be careful! You don’t want to be too rough with him. When you are fondling his balls, imagine them to be grapes, you don’t want them to split or burst, so be gentle.
You can roll his balls around in the palm of your hand and gently massage them. You can also take them both into your mouth and suck gently. This might be harder to do depending on how big they are.
The Taint
The Taint, which comes from “it ain’t your balls, it ain’t your ass”, is the piece of skin between his balls and his anus. Women have it too, just between the vagina and anus. This is the most direct way to get to the male g-spot from the outside. If you want to stimulate the male g-spot directly, you need to go into the anus and stimulate the area like the female g-spot. But there are a lot of guys who do not like the idea of you heading for the backdoor.
To stimulate the taint, use your finger to gently rub the area, you want to make a “come hither” motion with your finger. You may want to check with your guy to see if this is ok, he may not even like the idea of it. But if you set boundaries and talk about it, he may be more relaxed about it.
Adding Different Sensations
There are a lot of things you can add to a blow job that will change things up, props if you will.

  • Something cold like ice cubes or ice cream
  • Something hot or warm, like tea
  • Alternate between hot and cold
  • Strong gum or something with mint
  • Flavoured lube
  • Chocolate or Caramel Sauce
  • Go deep mints
  • Try blowing on his penis
  • Condom

Naughty, Forbidden Places for Great Oral Sex

By Gabrielle Moore
As in most things, a little creativity can go a long way to spicing up your relationship. If you think about it, performing fellatio on a guy is pretty straight-forward, but add to that the elements of forbidden places, stolen moment, and the fear of getting caught… well, it could be the best sex you guys have ever had!

More Unique Places to Engage in Oral Sex
On the balcony.
So near, yet so far. This is the feeling you guys will get when you engage in oral sex at your own balcony. Think about it. You’re still ‘home’. It’s your own place. And there’s probably a spot secluded enough so that nobody else can see you but at the same time, you guys are so ‘out there’. What if the neighbor see? Imagine the thrill!
If your lover is game with these things then lucky you! However, if they’re not that adventurous, take baby steps to convince them. For example, have an al fresco dinner and engage in light foreplay.
Take it just a little bit further each time you go out on the balcony. Soon enough, you’ll reach a stage when you both want more and this is the perfect time to perform fellatio on eachother.

Wet and wild. Poolside or ocean-side?
Wet and wild. If you have your own swimming pool, great. This would make it easier for you to engage in oral sex in your own pool. For this event, the thrill is in the fact that you guys are still in the water. If your pool is outside your home with neighbors potentially looking in, all the better! Again, use your imagination. Don’t just have oral sex on the sides of the pool. Think pool steps or even on the diving board!
If poolside doesn’t work for you guys, then how about ocean-side? Granted, salt water does make it difficult for your lover to perform fellatio on you while you’re in the ocean but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done for a few seconds. This is especially thrilling if there are other swimmers nearby.
Of course, there are other places where you guys can engage in oral sex. For instance, what about a secluded side of the beach? Or why not hire a raft, go out into the ocean and perform oral sex on each other there? You’ll have your own natural water-bed.

Out in the open.
Another great place to engage in oral sex is out in the open space. Take a hike one weekend, find a secluded, grassy area and have an afternoon romp. You can also try an open field. This is great if you own a nice, big piece of land but if you don’t, that’s ok, just go for a nice walk into some nearby woods or park near you. Just be careful of two things: poisonous plants and the potential presence of ferocious wildlife!
Go ahead, have oral sex in the kitchen.
We’ve been discussing places outside the home, but really, a lot of people can’t even make this sex fantasy come true: oral sex or intercourse in the kitchen.
Well, now is the time to take that step and fulfill this fantasy of yours. After all, especially if you’re just starting to be more adventurous, the kitchen offers a LOT of places for comfortable oral sex: the counter, the dining table, kitchen sink, etc.

Another plus with engaging in oral sex in the kitchen is that you’re near some very handy props. Admittedly, there’s less props you can use while performing fellatio (compared to performing cunnilingus) but there are some old reliable stables you can use like whipped cream, liquid chocolate, and of course, peanut butter. As these items are all literally within an arm’s reach, there’s no need to break the momentum during oral sex. And so what if it gets a bit messy? The kitchen sink and tea towels are just nearby!

There you have it, four crazy and wild places to engage in oral sex with. All these places aim to increase the excitement factor and makes performing oral sex on you a whole new experience for your lover too. So the next time you plan to ask them to perform fellatio/cunninglingus, surprise them with just how naughty you can be with these new, hot and sexy ideas.