Sex Positions

Sex positions! So many different kinds, so many different ways.

Did you know that a slight angle change in any position can take you to new depths of bliss? All those sex positions you have tried that just weren’t quite right should be revisited! You need to experiment to find the best position for your optimal pleasure.

Just starting out? There’s more than enough information here for the experienced and the beginner.

Just because you may know most or all of the sex positions, it doesn’t make you a better lover. You need to practice and experiment until you find what works for you and your partner. Eventually it will become second nature to you.
Sex doesn’t have to be only in one position, often times couples engage in many different positions during a single session. It doesn’t make one position better than another, it just changes things up and gets you heated up for the grand finale.

Keep in mind that you may not be physically able to do all of these positions, you may need to be very flexible and we aren’t all flexible. Please don’t continue if you feel pain or discomfort, you don’t want to get hurt!
There may also be a large height difference between you and your partner, therefore you may not be able to do all of the positions, but you have to try them to know for sure!

Looking for sex positions if you or your partner is injured? Look Here!

Man on Top

The classic missionary position! Or is it? There are so many small variations to this position.

The man is on top, with the woman on the bottom with her legs bent and open.

The Twist

    • Try this position with a pillow under your hips. Try moving the pillow for a different angle, it can be more under the bum, the hips or the small of your back.
    • Place a pillow under your feet, this will allow your man to get deeper.
  • Put a pillow under your back, try a couple, this will prop you up and give you a more shallow penetration.


This is just like the classic missionary position, but instead of having her legs on the bed bent, get them up in the air!

The Twist

    • Put your legs up and out like the splits in the air!
    • Same as above but this time grab your legs, either by the feet or your leg and pull outwards
    • Similar to the above, but have your man hold your feet out
    • Put your legs up so they are against your mans chest, it will allow for deeper penetration.
    • Have your legs up against your mans chest, but have him get on his feet and really use his knees to bend to penetrate you. He can also change the angle he penetrates at for a different feel.
  • Try one leg up and one leg down, like scissors.

SIDE ENTRY MISSIONARY: This is a variant on the missionary position; the woman lays on her side; the man kneeling penetrates from behind.


The woman is on bottom with her legs tightly closed. This allows for shallow penetration. He can keep his legs straight and closed as well or knees bent and legs open.


The woman lies on her back, while the man stands or kneels and lifts her pelvis for penetration. Use a pillow if you need more leverage.

Woman on Top

Woman on top is the female dominant position. She will have to do most of the work, but if he can help by thrusting or moving her hips. This is a good position for women who want more clitoral stimulation as they can manually do that and they are in charge on the depth and speed of penetration.

This is the popular woman on top position! The man lays down while the woman sits on top of him, usually facing him.
The Twist

    • Have him pull his feet towards his bum, this will give you a different angle and make you feel closer.
    • Have him sit up or have a few pillows under him to bring him closer to you and give you clitoral stimulation.
    • Lean forwards or lay your chest on his.
    • Depending on your physical fitness you can use your knees or your feet for leverage, the knees are most common.
  • Face away from him, so you are facing his feet, it gives him a whole new view! This will also feel different for you depending on how curved his penis is. You can also lean forwards for this one for a different angle, he’ll really get a view then!Or you can lean back towards your man.

From Behind

From behind, or commonly called doggy style has some variations of it’s own!

The woman is on all fours while the man penetrates from behind.
The Twist

    • You can lean forwards so your head is lower and your bum is higher in the air, this will give a different level of penetration. You can use a pillow for support, this will also allow you to manually stimulate your clit.
  • Try angling your hips differently, you never know what’s going to feel good!

The woman kneels upright while being penetrated from behind, this usually means you’ll need some support, try doing it on the floor while leaning against the bed, or the couch or a chair.

The woman lies face down with her arms and legs spread out, while being penetrated from behind.
The Twist

  • Try changing how far apart your legs are, go from closed to open to find what position feels better for you. This will also change the depth of penetration.

This is the opposite of the peace sign position. The woman lies face down with her legs pressed together, allowing the man shallow penetration. He can keep his legs straight and closed as well or knees bent and legs open.

Both partners lie side by side, often with legs bent and the man penetrates from behind. This allows for shallow penetration.
The Twist

    • You can stay laying down, while the man gets into a kneeling position and can penetrate you that way.
    • You can chose to lift one leg over your mans bent legs, this will give you and him more access to your clit.
  • Try laying on your back, with him laying on his side, but this time perpendicular to you, you can put your legs over him.

Sitting and Kneeling

There are so many sitting and kneeling positions, many of them are variations on other positions. Some of these are only used for a short time as they are harder to do, or they are used while getting into a different position.
This is one of the woman on top positions, however the man is sitting upright, usually on a couch or the bed, and the woman is on top. You can use the back of the couch for leverage. It also allows you to control penetration, allow your clit to rub against his abs, and makes you feel less self conscious, as you are on top and nothing is exposed.
The Twist

  • You can also do this facing away from him.

The man is sitting with his hands behind him on the floor, the woman is on top with her hands on his shoulders for leverage. Or she can also lean back with her hands behind her.


Standing can be done from in front or from behind.

This is where both partners stand and the man penetrates from behind.
The Twist

    • Try using the wall for balance, you can either put your hands up against it or you can lean your upper torso against the wall. Watch out it might be cold!
    • Try leaning back into your partner and wrap your arms around his legs to pull him closer for deeper penetration
  • Try leaning forwards, either supported or not supported. You can lean forwards and hang onto a table or desk or some other object at the right height.

This is where the woman is lifted by her partner, with her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck.
The Twist

    • Be the one in control, use your leg muscles to pump yourself up and down on his penis. This allows you to control penetration, but it does require a lot of effort.
    • Have him support your bum with his hands and have him lift you up and down.
  • You can have him put you up against the wall for support, he will be doing most of the work for this position.

This one is standing but with the woman’s leg lifted up and wrapped around his waist. You have to be the right height and have flexibility for this one.

For this the woman can lie down on her stomach, usually on a bed, with her legs hanging over the edge of the bed and in the air. The man grabs her legs and pulls her hips up to meet him. Try different angles for this.



Anal can be done in many of the positions mentioned above. You just want to be very careful so you don’t get hurt. The more popular ones are Doggy style and woman on top.

Pregnant Sex Positions

You can also use many of the above mentioned positions for sex during pregnancy, you just need to keep the baby in mind.
Some of the twists for the above positions:

This is woman on top, facing away from her partner. The man will have his legs up, open and rested against the wall. This will give the woman leverage and room for the baby.
The man can sit rested against a wall, while the woman will lean back on her hands, and her legs up against the wall. This can also be done with the woman lying down on her side, one leg up, one leg down.
This is similar to the standing positions above, however the best ones are where she faces away from him and braces herself against something. She can face him if he is braced against the wall, with his knees bent so she can sit on him.
These are very similar to the ones mentioned above, you just have to leave more distance between you to accommodate the baby.