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It’s human nature to be interested and curious. But what we might be curious about may go unanswered. These are the personal stories you submitted! There are good, bad, sad, embarassing and happy stories. If you have something you want to share, please do! It can be kept annonymous, just put that in for your name. See below to submit your story and other stories submitted by readers.

Back in the Day
I was a teeny bopper, young with an attitude, flirty, wanting the attention of guys and if someone paid attention to me then I felt desirable. I was, well, acting slutty to a boy in my high school. Its not that I liked him much but he was trying to impress me and he had a car. That made me feel important somehow. We drove around, the windows down, the music loud like a boot in the dryer. Well he thought I wanted sex and for sure my behaviour would have led anyone to believe that. He parked the car on a side road, unseen from the main road. Now I knew that my attitude got me here but really deep down inside me I sure didn’t want to have sex. I was just kind of playing a role. He didn’t waste any time. While kissing me, my seat was reclined and he was busy pulling down his pants. The kisses weren’t nice ones; inexperienced, tongue in & bad breath from smoking, & his leaning on me making it hard to breathe. I was scared & didn’t want to have sex & had to think of a way out of this. After pulling off my pants he was putting on a rubber. This distracted him, so I took off my cloth hair band and put it in my vagina. He didn’t really know where he was going with his penis and quickly came. We were both happy.-Annonymous

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“DP” with Ex Son In Law 
“DP”, had no idea what that meant till about an hour ago. I’ll skip the intro for regular followers, all others can catch up by reading past posts.