Young and dirty i like bmws

I was 16 and had been with my boyfriend for 8 months and I knew he had a reputation….. I was really looking forward to sleeping with him so I invited him round my house. The plan was to skip the morning of school and then go in for afternoon lessons…

I am 16.. Asian and have long glossy hair which is cut and layered and frames my face.. Im a size 8 and have 30E boobs and lets just say with a body and face like mine… You get waayyyyy too much attention. Not forgetting that im an A grade student… I was on track to passing all my classes without a C! My boyfreind was black. 6ft tall and the most athletic body. His hands were huge and strong and he is also an A grade student.Anyway he got to my house and I wore a black thong and black lace bra.

And within seconds of him walking through the door we were all over eachother… His hands were already up my very short school skirt and my blouse was on the floor he picked me up and carried me into my living room and slowly pulled down my thong… And slid one finger into my pussy… Omg did I squeal….he worked his hand slow and sexily and undid my bra and sucked on my breasts… I was really high at that point and ot did not feel wrong at all being sprawled naked across my sofa. When he stoped he sat down next to me and I got on my knees infront of him and pulled down his boxers. I swaer I nearly died…. He was hard… At least 10″ long…..I grinned up at him and began to lick his shaft he grabbed the back of my head and steadily I picked up rhythm…. He was about to come and I started sucking his balls and blowing on them..

He shot half a load and groaned my name.. He then grabbed me and laid me down on my sofa and spread my legs.. He asked me if I was sure and I said yes he put his dick at my pussy and said he loved me. I smiled and said hurry up…. He pushed his way into me and hit my cervix the first stroke.. Omg he was soo good. Back and forth Really softly while I came all over his dick…he sat up and I straddled his lap and said now its my turn.. I didn’t let it enter me but I grinded n gyrated on his dick and he was sucking and kissing my nipples… It was soooo good… I looked at him and said now I want you to fuck me baby.. U wont break me.. I can handle it and I playfully slapped him.. He stood up with me still ontop of him and said really? Before I knew it I was up against my door and he was fucking me hard.. My breasts were bouncing and I was screaming soooo loud I’m sure the neighbours heard… He stopped and I pulled a face at him.. There was no need to stop!!!! I said and he put me face down on my sofa..

I thought I’ve done everything but anal… I can’t take that much.. And so quickly that I didn’t even know where he was his dick was in my pussy… Pounding my pussy from behind and smacking my cute little ass how only black men do calling me his baby and asking me whos ur daddy??? I was moaing like hell.. I started to feel light headed and my body was hot and I came and I was screaming fuck me.. Fuck me baby ughhhhhhhhh harder……… Harder…. He came too……. We had a break and I told him to follow me.. But we couldn’t keep our hands off eachother. I was taking him to my room and we fucked on the stairs…. In the shower he grabbed my leg and pulled it over his shoulder exposing my clit and held the showerhead on it…. I came all over his hand we gucked hard in there too….finally getting to my room he asked me to try something.

So I lay back and closed my eyes and there was something soft and wet on my clit… It was so good… He was licking me out… He’d never tried this but boy was he a pro…. I was about to climax and he slid two fingers into my pussy…. He was still licking. I pushed my hips into his face and he shoved 3 fingers in:… After 30 seconds my pussy was pounding into his face and I was comeing hard.. He slid out his fingers and licked me clean making me orgasm again.. We cleared up and left for school… Without a trace… We fucked frequently.. Up to 8 times a day sometimes.. Its been two years since we split but he still says I’m the best he ever had.